Your wealth and your life achievements
deserves our respect

We advise you personally & individually. Together we will find solutions and create the right wealth strategy for you.



Because every person and
every situation is different.

Our successful advisory approach is always based on your individual situation, whether in your private and family life and/or as an entrepreneur. We show you how your assets can be invested and increased so that you can achieve your personal wealth goals.


Our consulting approach - a careful analysis
Your personal situation

We consider both your liquid assets (securities or cash) and your illiquid assets (company shares, real estate holdings or endowment insurance policies) as a whole and at the same time take into account all legal and tax aspects, pension issues and the matrimonial property and inheritance law situation.

We are always guided by your personal investment goals, your investment experience and your investment horizon, and use these to develop an investment strategy tailored to you. It goes without saying that we will inform you with the utmost care about any risks and possible fluctuations in the value of the individual investments.

We act exclusively in the interests of our clients. If the capital market situation requires it, certain asset classes are temporarily removed from your portfolio to protect your assets.

When selecting investments, we attach particular importance to forward-looking and anti-cyclical behavior as well as adequate risk diversification. Active risk management is a matter of course for us. We only invest in companies and securities investments whose business model we understand and can comprehend.


Balance sheet - the basis for

How does our consultation work?

Step 1:

Introductory meeting: We would like to get to know you better in an initial, non-binding personal meeting (by phone, digitally or on site). We will answer all the questions that are important for a partnership with us as HRK LUNIS. In the introductory meeting, we would also like to clarify whether a collaboration is expedient for both sides and whether your ideas and our way of working fit together.

Step 2:

Consultation: The personal consultation is about your goals and priorities with regard to your future investment strategy. What is your status quo? What investment goals are you pursuing? What investment experience do you have? What investment horizon should be taken into account? What fluctuations in value are you prepared to accept? After the consultation, we will prepare a summary of the discussion and send it to you electronically (e-mail) or by post.

Step 3:

Analysis and proposal: We analyze your personal and financial situation and draw up a balance sheet. We also submit a specific investment proposal to you. The proposal will show you the future strategy and structure that we have developed for you. We will also discuss with you the asset allocation and security structure of your individual asset management mandate or your individual investment advisory mandate.

Step 4:

Controlling & reporting: Reporting on the development of your assets takes place on a monthly or quarterly basis. We will be happy to discuss this with you in person, but we also offer you the option of conducting the discussions “digitally” or “online“.


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