A partnership at eye level

For the special requirements of special funds or managed accounts, we offer specialists with many years of experience in the areas of treasury, asset allocation and fund management. With our outstanding expertise, HRK LUNIS is the ideal choice for institutional investors who wish to manage capital in the economic interests of the owners of a company, association, institution, family or UHNWI.

Corporate & commercial clients

Strategic financial planning and management of liquid assets

Credit institutions & asset managers

Investment of own funds and asset management services


Religious communities and companies under church sponsorship

Family Offices

Management of large assets through a holistic and independent approach


Earmarked effect of assets and income - mostly for the community

Public service broadcasters

Institutions and organizations under public law


Between regulatory requirements and profit constraints

Pension funds & benefit funds

Professional pension provision as an important pillar of retirement provision

Associations & clubs

Interest groups with different requirements for the purpose of the association or organization


Our systematic and consequent procedure

Comprehensive situation analysis

✓ Our as-is analysis is based on the opportunities and challenges of the capital market, regulatory framework conditions and your target return and risk appetite.

Development of an individual investment solution

✓ Our expertise has enabled us to create specific requirement profiles for each institutional client group.

✓ These detailed profiles serve as the basis and working tool with which we precisely record your individual wishes and goals and implement them precisely.

Our checklist is divided into 4 segments:
Investment purpose and expected return
Controlling and risk management
Regulation and sustainability
Reporting and support

Our approach in detail

Our checklist, which is specially tailored to the needs of this customer group, serves as a sound basis and valuable support during the consultation in order to implement wishes and goals in the best possible way.

✓ Development of a long-term investment strategy based on your individual wishes and goals.

✓ Creation and review of investment guidelines in order to jointly realize the goals developed with you and at the same time protect you from liability risks.

✓ Weighing up the advantages and disadvantages of a special fund solution compared to custody account-based asset management in order to identify the optimal implementation solution for you.

✓ Formulation of adequate and practicable sustainability criteria and their integration into your investment strategy.

✓ Definition of risk budgets and / or the use of key figure management in order to take your individual risk appetite into account in the best possible way.

✓ Designing the reporting frequency, level of detail and formats needed for your internal management, reporting and regulatory requirements.

Our aim is to help you achieve your goals successfully.


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