“We live the team concept.”


Headed by
Uwe Fahse

“For us, wealth management means first and foremost trust. We want to give you stability and security in a close relationship of trust and absolute transparency so that you can look to the future with a good feeling.”

We are masters of our craft and understand the emotional and personal aspects of our clients at various stages of their lives.

As a strong team that trusts each other due to many years of cooperation, we have the opportunity to realize a lot for you, not only in wealth management. This is because we have an honest interest in you as a person, treat you fairly and transparently and consider your overall situation – in order to focus on what is important in each case on this basis.

So you can always feel that you are in safe hands with us. We are prepared so that you can look to the future with a good feeling.


HRK LUNIS Hannover

Ernst-August-Platz 10d
30159 Hannover

Uwe Fahse
Partner, Head of the Hannover branch
Peter Bohne
Senior Client Relationship Manager
Nadine Bork
Assistance to the branch manager
Benjamin Brown
Senior Client Relationship Manager
Axel Depping
Senior Client Relationship Manager
Thomas Guse
Partner, Deputy Head of the Hannover branch
Katja Hasewinkel
Business & Client Service
Heide Schöpf
Financial Planner
Felix Schulze
Senior Client Relationship Manager

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