Individually tailored to your needs

Are you used to making your own investment decisions? We support you as a sparring partner and provide you with the information you need to implement your personal investment strategy.

Our offer is aimed exclusively at professional investors.


✓Make the investment decisions

✓ regularly deal with the capital markets

✓ Are looking for a sparring partner with whom you can discuss your ideas and their implementation?

✓ are an experienced investor and meet the requirements for classification as a professional investor

The criteria for classification as a professional investor are:

> € 500,000 Volume of financial resources or bank balance

> 10 financial market transactions per quarter in the past year with > € 25,000 turnover

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✓ support you in choosing the right investment vehicles

✓ give you trading impulses with which you can also take advantage of short-term market opportunities

✓ are your sparring partner and make appropriate investment proposals, taking your personal requirements into account.

✓ provide you with our large investment universe, which includes stock recommendations, bond recommendations, ETF recommendations or even the recommendation of certificates.


With us on the pulse of the capital markets!

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We would be happy to talk to you personally without obligation. Together we can protect and increase your assets in the long term. Rely on our expertise and experience.