HRK LUNIS Think Tank

How HRK LUNIS is preparing for the issues of the future

The think tank is a free-thinking unit within the structures of HRK LUNIS. “Thinking ahead through reflection” is the motto here.

The HRK LUNIS think tank

Refreshingly different

The in-house HRK LUNIS think tank looks beyond traditional capital market topics and focuses on “looking ahead” – i.e. the upcoming technological and social changes and how these will affect the capital markets. The participants meet several times a year. Presentations, discussions and individual experience reports are the focus of the meetings. In addition, external experts are invited to give presentations at irregular intervals. These are intended to help deepen knowledge in certain subject areas. The think tank is made up of portfolio managers, members of the investment team and members of the Executive Board, among others.

The HRK LUNIS think tank




✓ Emerging markets and new investment ideas
✓ Independent of the tried-and-tested, successful research and valuation approaches


The think tank is a free-thinking unit within HRK LUNIS.


✓ New technological developments

✓ Social changes and their impact on the capital markets

✓ Regular events throughout the year with members of the HRK investment team, portfolio managers and parts of the management team

✓ Lectures, short presentations, field reports and discussions with external experts

✓ Discussion of new investment ideas / trends and the possibilities of implementation including a comprehensive opportunity / risk analysis


We regularly take a look into the future for you

Megatrends determine our future. Are companies ready and equipped for further development in the future or are they running behind developments? Changes that affect all levels of society, such as demographic change, urbanization, artificial intelligence or cyber security, climate change and healthcare are topics that we deal with in detail at the think tank.

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Recognizing trends at an early stage

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