“Hanseatic values of HRK LUNIS AG”


Headed by
Marco Hauschildt

“Wealth management brings with it the challenge of being a reliable and responsible partner for clients in a very demanding and sensitive business environment.”

As a strong team, we are fully committed to Hanseatic values. They are the starting point of our work – and result in our cornerstones of reliability, continuity and success in wealth management.

At HRK LUNIS Hamburg, we believe that we can meet our clients’ requirements in a highly regulated environment by working together as partners for many years. We want to justify the trust placed in us and demonstrate our expertise in all aspects of wealth management over generations. What we have achieved so far, we will strive to perfect further in the future.

We have been involved in social and cultural activities in “our” Hanseatic city for a number of years. We will continue our commitment in the future out of conviction.

We are your reliable partner when it comes to wealth management.



Cölln House
Brodschrangen 3 – 5
20457 Hamburg

Marco Hauschildt
Partner, Head of the Hamburg branch
Uwe Bley
Partner, Deputy Head of the Hamburg branch office
Irina Mewes
Business & Client Service
Sabine Nazaret
Business & Client Service
Susanne Reißberg
Assistant to the Chairman of the Management Board
Dirk Schröder
Partner, Senior Client Relationship Manager

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